Mirny Diamond Mine

005 300x199 mirny diamond mineMysterious events that occur in nature one of which is “Mirny diamond mine“. Again, the mining man makes a hole as deep as 525 meters with a diameter of 1,200 meters.

This incident occurred in the eastern Siberian Russia.
Because of extreme misery, the depth of the hole with a diameter of 525 meters 1,200 meters, the helicopters are prohibited from crossing over it because it will be sucked under.

This hole has been designated as a no-fly zone above the hole.
Because some of the helicopters had crashed into the hole with no apparent reason.


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Mirny Diamond Mine Siberia mirny diamond mine

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mirny diamond 003 mirny diamond mine

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Mirnyi mirny diamond mine

Scientists have conducted research on this place, they bring a  mickrophone to detect sounds of plate movements of the earth to the bottom of the hole.
But instead of plate motion that they had heard, but the screams of men.
That said, the man screams in pain comes from the bowels of the earth.

Although one can be distinguished by voice vote the other, but millions with background noise with a single voice.
Due to sound like someone screaming in pain, nearly half of the scientists to stop doing research on “Mirny diamond mine” because of fear.

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